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FIC: Beneath the Midnight Moon
samyazaz wrote in tw_ladies
Title: Beneath the Midnight Moon
Pairing: Allison/Lydia
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 29,227
Content Notes: Noncon soulbonding, non-graphic violence, minor character death
Summary: The first day Lydia missed school, Allison figured she was allowed a pass, all things considered. She sent her a text, teasing her about playing hookie, but wasn't concerned when she didn't receive a response. Lydia wasn't always the most reliable about returning messages. When she didn't show up Tuesday morning, Allison called her, but only got her voicemail.

When Lydia missed her big calculus exam on Wednesday, Allison knew something was wrong.
Author's Note: Written for my "soul bonding/soulmates" Trope Bingo square, and my suuuuuper belated second fic for Femslash February

Link: AO3


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